Cotton Crib and Moses Basket Sheets

Cotton Crib and Moses Basket Sheets

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100% cotton knit and soft to the touch.
Fully elasticated to ensure the best fit for a variety of mattress brands - see below important sizing guides.

Our size Large sheet works with the universal crib mattresses / co sleepers and Ko-Coon Moses baskets/Bassinets.

Our size Small is perfect for smaller moses baskets / co sleepers as well as the Ko-Coon changing basket.

- Large: 90 x 55 
- Small: 75 x 45 

Available in all 5 colours for you to mix and match. Complete that perfect look that you have in your mind with this on-trend, pastel colour palette:

- Mustard (a deep earthy mustard, not too yellow)
- Rust (a light pastel rust and another completely gender neutral colour)
- Sage (the best sage green you ever did see)
- Dirty Pink (just the right amount of girly)
- Grey Blue (it's blue, but with a bit of grey)

* Depending on your viewing device, colours may display differently. 
* Fabrics are locally dyed
* We believe in ethical shopping and manufacturing which means we prefer carrying very little stock - please allow for two weeks lead time if items are made to order.