We are absolutely ecstatic to be an exclusive online stockist of these locally handcrafted, one-off, one of a kind Smock Dresses which each have such a special tale to tell.

These smock dresses are a quality product, made possible by a local training and upliftment program in and around Hillcrest and at the Valley of a Thousand Hills Community Helpers Centre in Inchanga, whereby previously unemployed people are given the opportunity to learn a new skill and create an income for themselves while working from home.

Thus, an individual tasked with looking after young children, the physically handicapped, the physically weak or elderly for example, can now earn an income whereas this was not possible for them in the past.

There are three ranges or styles of Dresses, namely; The Charlotte (Our strappy sun dresses), The Catherine (Our collarless and bowless dress) and The Mia (The Traditional dresses with collars and bows and the back).

Each and every dress has been crafted with uniqueness, pride and precision. We encourage you to take your time on our site to quietly browse and select a dress that suits your little girl and her unique personality!


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