All Day Nursing Bra (Double Pack)

All Day Nursing Bra (Double Pack)

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This bra is comfort meets sexy! It will give you all the ease you need, but also show a bit of cleavage (it is a 3/4 cup, so does not cover the entire breast).

- Drop down cups for easy nursing

- Padded cups, no underwire

- Three adjustable rows at the back, with an added extender if you need more space whilst pregnant/recovering from birth

- 100% Cotton for ultra breathability & hygiene

Keep in mind, when purchasing a bra whilst pregnant, that your chest will become smaller again after birth. So choose a bra that can adjust tighter. The cups should allow for some space to accommodate growing breasts as milk comes in. Every woman and pregnancy is different though, there are no rules! Don't stress if everything feels tight the first 6 weeks after baby is here, your body is figuring out how much milk to make! Things will settle again...