Chunky Knit Crochet Decor Throw

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Our beautiful crochet home decor throw with tassels is beyond our wildest imaginations and the perfect gift for a new Mommy!

Intricately hand-crocheted and made of the highest quality lamb's wool, this is a luxuriously soft and warm home decor item and an ultra cozy heavy-weight throw.

Drapes effortlessly and features beautiful yarn tassels on edges and the premium wool allows it to be loved and enjoyed for generations to come. A timeless & luxurious home decor item that never goes out of style

Washing Instructions:

Machine wash gentle cycle cold or hand wash; lay flat to dry


Length: L 130cm x 100cm W



  • Wool helps regulate body temperature. Wool is considered an "active" fiber, meaning it reacts to changes of body temperature, allowing you to stay warm when it's cold or cool when it's hot.
  • Wool is naturally hypoallergenic.Wool is sustainable, eco-friendly, and has a low-ranking ecological footprint.
    Wool is naturally dust mite resistant. How? Dust mites find the microscopic bristles on wool fibers to be inhospitable. Therefore, wool is a great choice for those who suffer from allergies.
    Wool is naturally mold and bacteria resistant.
    Wool is naturally flame resistant, making it a top choice for hotels, hospitals, and other public places.
    Wool is considered one of the most breathable materials in the world.
    Wool is biodegradable; therefore, when it is disposed of, it will naturally decompose and release nutrients back into the earth.
    Wool is naturally elastic, allowing wool blankets and garments to gently stretch with use and wear, and return to original shape.
    Wool tends not to generate static, so that means less lint.
    Wool is naturally anti-wrinkle, due to the microscopic coiled bristles that return to their natural shape after being bent.
    Wool is naturally odor-resistant.
    Wool is naturally UV-resistant and help protect from the sun's harmful rays.