Kocoon Swaddle - Merino Wool (2 weeks dispatch lead time)

Kocoon Swaddle - Merino Wool (2 weeks dispatch lead time)

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Swaddling is the art of wrapping the baby in a blanket for warmth and security.


  • Keeps the baby calm by recreating the snug and restricted space in the womb.
  • Controls startle reflex, that disturbs and wakes sleeping baby
  • Help reducing the risk of sudden infant death by keeping babies on their back during the sleep. It is strongly recommended up to 3 months when the baby can start rolling.


  • Not so easy to swaddle anytime and anywhere.


  • Zipped swaddle

About Cocoon zipped swaddle

The simple and ingenious solution discovered few years ago is becoming one of baby’s essentials.

Our Cocoon swaddle is designed for newborns up to 3m old and feature zip closure to allow easy swaddling and easily changing nappies especially during the night or when the baby is sleeping. Our zipped swaddles range includes cotton, fleece hemp and merino wool options.

We are proudly presenting our unique Merino Wool Cocoon Zipped Swaddle. Made out of extra fine merino wool, the handmade felted fabric is soft to touch and scientifically proven the best sleeping wear choice for babies, including eczema babies.


  • Luxuriously extra fine merino wool fabric which creates a micro climate around the baby’s body by regulating the body temperature and wicking away moisture. If the baby overheats, the swaddle will lower down the excess heat and if the baby is losing body heat, the swaddle will keep him warm.
  • The fabric is naturally antibacterial and dust mites free.
  • A long zip to allow changing nappies easily
  • The zipper features a pull guard in order to protect child skin
  • Not too tight fit to let the baby move and kick; promoting healthy hip development

 Let’s talk about TOG

The TOG rating describes the warmth or "Thermal Resistance" of a product and is widely used to explain warmth levels of duvets.  Unlike duvets, infant sleeping bags have lower tog rating numbers. The TOG indicates approximately how many blankets the sleeping bag is equivalent to. Bags with rating of 0.5 and 1 or below are for spring/summer use. Bags with rating 2-2.5 are for autumn/winter. 

Sleeping bags with polyester or man-made fiber fillings have to go through a standard testing to be TOG rated, especially to avoid the rick of overheating.

Merino wool has it all! The sleeping bags made with Merino wool are not TOG rated, as these natural fibers adjust the warmth according to temperature. This is one of the reasons why natural fiber Merino sleeping wear is so strongly recommended. The merino wool is highly breathable, naturally regulates baby’s body temperature, keeping baby warm in winter and cool in summer. As a result, traditional TOG tests (which are designed to test synthetic fabrics) are not an accurate indicator of the warmth of merino products. 

Even if our Cocoon Merino Swaddle seem lightweight, it is warmer than thicker sleep bag / swaddle.

This is a common concern if you don’t know much about merino wool. Merino wool is lighter than traditional wool as well as a lot of synthetic materials on the market. Many believe that merino wool is too lightweight to be warm in winter and because it is wool, it must be too hot for summer.

These are common misconceptions. The nature and the sheep tested merino wool at extreme temperatures. The merino breathes and wicks away moisture (sweat) in summer, yet insulates in winter. Gives one the greatest warmth for weight, while being extremely light and soft.

The air is trapped between fibers and creates a body of warm insulating air. Merino wool fibers naturally wick away moisture. While heavier and bulkier synthetic fibers and cotton can seem 'warmer' they actually trap body moisture against the skin, causing your baby to sweat and overheat, to develop rush and eczema.

Our merino swaddles are recommended to be used in room temperatures between 17-25 degrees. Simply adjust the layers of underwear or sleepwear worn beneath the swaddle to suit the nursery temperature.

We recommend to be used in conjunction with our KO-COON Baby Sleeping Gown or other natural fibers garments (i.e made out of cotton or hemp)

How to care about Cocoon Merino Swaddle

KO-COON merino garments are made out of untreated merino wool which has not been subject to any chemical treatments to improve wash-ability. As it’s untreated wool and contain lanolin it naturally rejects dirt, is repellent to bacterial growth and it is self cleaning, therefore it does not need as much washing as cotton.

Air garments frequently and they can be worn many times without washing and you can spot wash them if something has been spilled on them.

We recommend gentle hand wash in cold water with wool detergent without agitation to ensure the garment does not shrink.  Stretch the wool into shape when wet and pull lengthwise and lay flat or on the line to dry naturally, avoiding direct heat.

We are willing to guarantee that our Merino Cocoon Swaddle will change your life.