Mamakini Low Cut Panty (Single Pack)

Mamakini Low Cut Panty (Single Pack)

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Do you prefer a low cut style to show off your beautiful belly? We designed the Mamakini with exactly that in mind. Fits snuggly over the hips, but underneath a pregnant tum to avoid rolling down.

- Low cut front, full bottomed fit

- Super soft & delicate viscose fabric with 100% cotton gusset for breathability & hygiene

- Suitable for pregnancy & post natural birth (not recommended for c-section recovery as it will hinder wound healing)

- Available in sizes small (32) - XX Large (40).

When choosing a size, think of a panty you are wearing comfortably currently. The secret is that it should not pull or push anywhere...comfort is key! Our pattern is designed to accommodate a growing or post baby tum, so the emphasis is more on thighs and bottom as weight tends to gain easier there. If you still have a considerable time of pregnancy left, expecting twins, or you naturally gain weight easily, rather take one bigger size.