Kocoon Moses basket Ethereal bamboo collection - Zen

Kocoon Moses basket Ethereal bamboo collection - Zen

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Introducing our KO-COON Ethereal bamboo collection. 

Light but sturdy, our new designs just take your breath away. I wouldn't know which one to chose between the two baskets: Kros and Zen.

The light bamboo baskets have a raw beauty and finish. We added a simple, soft and breathable 100% cotton fitted cover/lining which attaches securely to the sides.


Our Ethereal Moses Baskets are made out of 100% bamboo by an amazing team of South African and Malawian artisans. The Moses basket / crib is generous in size, allowing your baby to sleep comfortably and securely until six / seven months old.

The gorgeous contemporary design is suitable for any style baby nursery. It can easily fit into a modern, vintage, boho, natural, eclectic house / nursery. Keep it next to your bed, or easily move it around the house. We strongly support co-sleeping with your baby especially within the first months of his life. 

We recommend using the KO-COON Moses baskets with our unique Moses Merino Nesting Cushion or Merino Wool Nesting Pod (3 in 1). Pair the basket with our Rocking Stand or use it on its own. So easy to move around so your precious one always sleeps in its own "cocoon" with the familiar surrounding and smell; such important factor when it comes to settling your little one.

The after-baby uses are endless. Once the baby outgrows the basket, use it to store toys, blankets, towels, or plants.

Product details:

  • KO-COON Moses baskets are suitable from newborn to 6-7 months old
  • KO-COON Ethereal baskets are made out of bamboo and subjected to no fumigation or noxious chemicals
  • All our bamboo Moses baskets are coming with the 100% soft cotton fitted lining
  • The basket inner measures: 80x45x27 cm
  • The basket weight: 3kg
  • Please note that measurements may vary slithly (1-3cm) as these items are handmade.