Valco Baby - Snap Ultra Tailormade

Valco Baby - Snap Ultra Tailormade

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Searching for a stroller that features a stylish reversible seat and is super light weight?
Look no further then the Snap Ultra Single stroller.
Weighing under 9kg with super canopy coverage as well as adjustable foot rest and roomy fully reclining seat The Snap Ultra is the go to model from birth to 20kg.
*Car seats that go with it is the Maxi Cosi Cabriofix, Maxi Cosi Pebble and the BesSafe IziGo.
Accessories that come with the Snap Ultra:
Q Bassinet

The bassinet is securely clicked onto the naked chassis and you’re done!

Snap Snack Tray

The Valco Baby Snack Tray is simple to install and easy to wipe clean. This Snack Tray has high wall sides and a built in cup holder.

Maxi Cosi Adapter

Our adaptors are built to a high standard, to ensure that your capsule locks securely in place, time and again.

Snap Bassinet Stand

Elavated, Portable and Secure

The Snap Bassinet Stand is perfect for use with the Snap and Snap Tailormade bassinets.