Weave, KO-COON Cane and Wood bassinet 3in1 (2 weeks lead time)

Weave, KO-COON Cane and Wood bassinet 3in1 (2 weeks lead time)

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Living up to your expectations..

The seventies staple is back with a new look, modern edge and our signature: multifunctional use.

Adding natural texture so beautifully to any space, our unique cane & wood bassinets are the ultimate MUST HAVE furniture item.


Our KO-COON WEAVE cane & wooden bassinet was designed with multiple functionality in mind. The modern, minimalist wooden cradle for your baby transforms into such a useful sensory play table for your toddler or a superb coffee table for you. The stylish storage element is a given with all our designs.

Made from birch wood ply with beautiful vintage rattan cane weave , this bassinet has a stunning aesthetic. We made it cozy and portable. The woven cane brings the soft element alongside the warmth of the wood.

WEAVE bassinet is also generous in size, allowing for your baby to sleep comfortably and securely until up to six-eight months old. We made it easy to move around so your baby can sleep in the lounge during the day and in your own room at night, in its own "cocoon" with familiar surrounding and smell wherever he goes.

We recommend using the KO-COON WEAVE bassinet with our unique Merino Moses Mattress / Nesting Cushion or Merino Nesting Pod 3in1.

The WEAVE bassinet looks at its best paired with the Scandinavian legs stand. This style creates a very elegant, yet strong minimalist design which is ideal for today's home spaces. 


  • Baby Bassinet
  • Books shelf/storage or teddies storage
  • Coffee table

Product details:

The bassinet measures: 75 x 45 cm (base) and 27cm (sides).

The legs frame height: 48 cm