Sensory Bunny Dudu

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Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Here is our sensory cuddly toy/baby bunny pillow - 100% natural, 100% safe, 100% easy maintenance.  

The sensory, safe and natural products are part of our DNA.

Our merino baby pillow comes with a washable cover of 100% soft double knit cotton with silk & hemp bunny ears.
The silk & hemp fabric has natural antibacterial properties which make it ideal for cuddles and baby mouth exploring.

The ears create a soothing security cuddly toy to hold onto while settling for sleep.

From newborn to older kids, this is your heirloom security toy/ baby pillow

Product properties:

  • inner: merino baby pillow
  • cover: 100% soft double knit cotton
  • ears 60% hemp 40% organic silk
  • size 20x34
  • cover machine wash gentle cycle 
  • inner gentle hand wash without agitation