Designer Moses Basket

Designer Moses Basket

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Sweet Dreams Baby Shoes...

Our Cane Moses Basket is an excellent way to keep your baby near you at all times when they are just newborn!

The key benefits of a moses basket are:

  • You can keep baby close and they can move from room to room with you as you go about your day. This allows you to relax more as many parents find that having the little one out of sight in another room too stressful
  • Many newborns like the snuggness of the basket compared to the intimidating space of the larger cot
  • A moses basket is ideal for travel or a weekend away. It saves you from buying a travel cot as it serves this purpose as well

You can add the Stand to your order or leave it out, totally up to you!


60cm LONG  X 33cm WIDE X 18cm SIDES (not including the hood)