Baby Crochet Octopus Comforter

Baby Crochet Octopus Comforter

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The most precious gift for a tiny little bundle to snuggle!


Our crochet Octopus Comforters are 100% cotton, handmade crochet, which offer comfort and security to newborns and babies. The little head resembles the placenta and their curly tentacles mimic the umbilical cord. They offer reassurance and comfort to your bundles of joy as they provide them with a little piece of familiarity in their new homes. For the older baba’s, they make a fabulous sensory ‘toy’ too.

Tip to mom: Cuddle your little Octopus before giving it to your bubba so your smell is transferred, offering further comfort and reassurance.

Each one is unique and handmade with care and lots of love.

Lead time: One Week