BeSafe® IZi Flex FIX I-Size Booster Seat

BeSafe® IZi Flex FIX I-Size Booster Seat

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  • Height range: 100 cm to 150 cm
  • Age approx: 4 to 12 years

BeSafe® iZi Flex FIX i-Size: high back booster seat for children 100-150cm tall, combining excellent safety features, high standards of comfort and flexible solutions to enable easy adjustments and installation, and space for up to three people in one row.

BeSafe welcomes the updated UN R129 car seat standard by presenting the first booster seat on the market that fully complies with the new safety requirements. The new BeSafe high-back booster seat provides significantly stronger traffic safety, by protecting the head and body. The car seat won the prestigious Kind + Jugend Innovation Award, in the ‘World of Travelling Kids’ category.


The new BeSafe® booster seat has an innovative modular protection system that delivers maximum safety, meeting the highest demands on the market set by the new regulations UN R129-02.

BeSafe® iZi Flex FIX i-Size has no armrests in order to avoid misuse – misplaced lap belts can lead to severe injury in the abdomen.

To provide maximum safety for the child, the BeSafe® Flex FIX i-Size is equipped with extra Side Impact Protection (SIP+) on the outer shell of the seat. The car seat is UN R129 approved without any additional SIP+ at the door side but our experiences and tests have shown that additional SIP+ gives improved protection by significantly reducing the load on the child in case of side impact. They should always be used at the door side of the vehicle.

The foldable lap belt guider was inspired by the BeSafe® Pregnancy Belt. This integrated solution prevents submarining as it guarantees correct positioning of the lap belt during a crash. A fidlock magnet makes it very easy to close. The positioning of the vehicle belt is now even easier and more accurate with shoulder belt guiders.


The height of the booster seat is easily adjusted from 100 to 150 cm and can be operated from both sides when the child is seated. Not only does the seat have a reclining functionality, but the backrest can also be rotated independently to be compatible with different vehicle seats.

The V-shaped headrest supports the head for sleeping, but also ensures side visibility and can be combined with integrated headrests in vehicles.

Space flexibility

Fit up to three children in a single row, by simply removing both side bumpers from the middle seat – more space – just as safe.