Changing basket Timeless collection - LEATHER handles - with cotton changing mat (45X75cm)

Changing basket Timeless collection - LEATHER handles - with cotton changing mat (45X75cm)

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Natural fibres, minimalist design with a touch of simple luxury, this is our essential Timeless Baby Changing Basket / a natural modern tray.


If you are a new parent, you will need a changing mat and this is our take   a superbly beautiful, versatile product which combines the beauty of 100% natural ilala palm leaves woven by Malawian artisans with the greatest quality leather handles stitched in our studio and with an easily-washable quilted cotton padding. 

The basket has slightly higher sides to keep your baby safe and avoid any unpredictable rolling incidents. It comes with a soft inner covered in 100% soft cotton fabric. 

The handles are attached to the narrower sides as a safety precaution for any transportation / move of the basket while the baby is in! We strongly advise against moving the basket while the baby is in, however if you decide to do so, please do grab the basket securely and safety onto the narrow side rather than wider side of the basket.
The way we designed and attach the handles also give the versatility of being transformed into a stunning decor or functional tray when the nappy stage is passed.

Product details:

  • Basket measures approximately 75 cm length x 45 cm width x 10 cm height. There will always be 1-4cm variation as it is a handmade product
  • The quilted changing padding / mat measures approximately 2 cm height.
  • Made from 100% natural dry lala palm leaves and leather handles.
  • Versatile and multi functional as can be re-purposed once your baby grew out of it. Makes a wonderful toys / magazines / fruits  / anything decorative storage basket