Cotton Changing Mat Cover

Cotton Changing Mat Cover

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100% cotton knit and soft to the "toosh" (see what we did there) 

Fully elasticated to ensure a universal fit and give you the freedom to buy whichever changing mat you choose. 

Both Snuggletime and Ruby Melon will fit.

Remember that you always need more than one cover because cold bums make sad babies and who has energy to do laundry every time there's an 'oopsie'.

Available in all 5 colours for you to mix and match. Complete that perfect look that you have in your mind with this on-trend, pastel colour palette

- Mustard (a deep earthy mustard, not too yellow)
- Rust (a light pastel rust and another completely gender neutral colour)
- Sage (the best sage green you ever did see)
- Dirty Pink (just the right amount of girly)
- Grey Blue (it's blue, but with a bit of grey)

* Depending on your viewing device, colours may display differently. 
* Fabrics are locally dyed
* We believe in ethical shopping and manufacturing which means we prefer carrying very little stock - please allow for two weeks lead time if items are made to order.