Hanging Baby & Toddler Swing

Hanging Baby & Toddler Swing

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Our beautiful new Swing Kits made from soft cotton are handmade by a very creative mother and daughter team in SA and come ready to install with rope, hooks, screws and a sweet cushion for added support.  

Our swings are perfect for indoor and outdoor use and can hold up to 20kgs. They can be used by babies from around 2 months, until about 3 years old, but must always be accompanied by an adult.

They are designed with soft padding so your baby cannot bump their head whilst swinging.

Lead time: 1/2 weeks 

Installation Instructions/Guidelines;

The dimensions of the poles are 35cmx35cm and the rope is 2metres when the swing is hanging.

The knots can be undone and the swing can be made shorter if necessary.

1. We take no responsibility for incorrectly installed swings.

2. Always make sure you are securing closed hooks supplied by us into a solid material and not through ceiling board or any soft product.

3. When hanging from a branch or beam make sure it is structurally sound and strong enough to hold the weight of your own child.

4. Make sure the swing has enough space to swing freely.

5. If you would like to install your swing into a ceiling board, please make sure the screws are going into a solid plank inside your roof or into a roof truss.