Knitted Animal Crib Blanket

Knitted Animal Crib Blanket

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The cutest and softest baby blankets around!

Made from lambswool, our super soft, comfy and flexible blankets can be used to swaddle the baby into a cocoon for nap time or simply draped over the baby crib for decor.

Measurements: 55 x 55cm


Every handmade product sold on our online store is handmade with love and care by an artisan in South Africa. This means that while we strive to ensure consistency in our inventory, each individual handmade item is unique and might not exactly match the photo on the online store. This might mean a slight variation in size, shape, or color. Please be aware of the unique nature of our products before placing an order.

Please allow a lead time of 4-6 weeks for delivery as this product is made to order