Kocoon Milky White Merino Wool Nesting Pod 3-in-1 (pod + cot bumper + nesting cushion)

Kocoon Milky White Merino Wool Nesting Pod 3-in-1 (pod + cot bumper + nesting cushion)

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The safest, most comfortable and the very best choice from newborn onward. Nothing beats the superiority of merino wool and cotton. 100% natural. Endorsed by physios and OTs.


We have designed the first worldwide merino baby nest - 3 in 1. Super proud of our 100% South African product - from the concept to the superb quality raw materials and execution. Our top priorities were safety and use of natural fibers. Followed by a competitive price and versatility. 

Fully breathable, temperature regulator, dust mites and mildew free. Merino wool is 100% natural. The natural wool helps regulate body temperature – reducing the risk of overheating or excessive loss of body heat for newborn; keeping your baby snug in winter and cool in summer. 

The nest has 3 parts: Merino wool Moses mattress/Nesting cushion + Merino wool tubular cot bumper + Cotton cover with zip.

The Merino Moses mattress / Nesting Cushion provides support whilst not placing undue pressure on your baby’s developing neck and head – it supports and soothes your baby’s small and growing body. You will find our Nesting Cushion is a medium firmness. With use, the wool gets firmer, to perfect the transition to a correct spine and back support. The Merino tubular cot bumper which goes on top on the mattress all around, keeps the baby snug and safe, whilst has the same amazing health properties of the wool. The Zipped Cotton cover made out of most beautiful and soft knitted cotton, holds everything together. The pockets of air created all around the bumper by the cotton cover, give the peace of mind for the baby's safety.

Nothing goes to waste after the baby grows out of the nest, around 6-7 months. You can use the cot bumper in your cot and later on in the single / toddler bed as anti-falling safeguard under the fitted sheet.

The Merino nesting cushion can be used to sleep the baby on until the baby fully grows out of it. And later on you can use it as a pillow. Keep the dust mites away forever! 

Product details:

  • You can use our Merino Baby nest with our Mattress Protector Puddle Pads, placed on the mattress inside the nest cover. These allow air to circulate freely and they are our natural alternative to plastic mattress protectors. Puddle Pads will eliminate the need for frequent cleaning of the mattress itself.
  • Use it with our Moses Basket or on its own directly in the cot or for co-sleeping.
  • For small stains, ‘spot’ hand wash with lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Rinse with cool water and allow to drain before drying flat. Ensure the mattress is totally dry before using it again.
  • Turn the mattress over and rotate each week. Air regularly.

Lead time: New shipment arrives mid January 2020