The Moove Bag

The Moove Bag

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  • The ultimate carry bag that doubles as a play mat
  • Carry bag - Play mat - Toy storage
  • South Africa’s first interactive play mat bag
  • More than a bag - Can carry up to 15 kg’s. Gone are the days where you are lugging around separate toys, bags, towels, buckets and spades. Leaving the house just became easier with a bag big enough to hold everything you need for your kids.
  • Play anywhere - Take it to the beach, the park, holidays or trips to friends' houses. Portable play has never been this easy!
  • Original Design - Double sided and reversible - Our Moove Bags are designed with both parent and child in mind, offering a beautiful outside spotted print and a fun interactive South African inspired road map on the inside for hours of imaginative fun.
  • No more mess - Great for parents who want a no-mess solution to kid’s clutter! With the pull of a drawstring cord, Moove makes packing up fun and achievable and offers a stylish storage solution for your home.

Product Details

Take a road trip through South Africa and learn about indigenous wildlife and botany, important landmarks and other unique features of our beautiful country with the South African inspired Moove Bag.

A Moove Bag is a 2-in-1 carry bag and play mat. When laid out, it forms a large flat play mat. Once you pull the drawstring cords it transforms into a portable carry bag.

Take it anywhere - to the beach, the park, holidays or trips to visit friends.

Moove encourages educational and imaginative play, empowers children to participate in achievable pack up and offers stylish toy storage solutions for your home.

The South African Moove Bag is double-sided and reversible. The inside offers a fun, interactive design for children to play on whilst the outside pattern keeps in line with current interior trends.

Ideal for Lego, Duplo, dolls, cars, balls, dress up, sensory play, teddy bears, animals and so much more…

Product Specs

  • Made from durable, easy to wipe polyester fabric. Good news, it's machine washable - 100% Polyester
  • Made using quality elements: eyelets, plastic buckles and polyester drawstring
  • Includes a strap making the bag easy to move around, even for children
  • 1.4m when opened out
  • Has a zipped pocket for small treasures
  • Lies flat on the floor when opened up as a play mat
  • Double-sided and reversible
  • Waterproof
  • A proudly South African produced product – made locally supporting South African artists and manufacturers.

The Moove Bag was created by two moms on a mission to make leaving the house as easy as possible. Gone are the days when you are lugging separate toys, bags, towels, buckets and spades to the beach or park. With a Moove bag, you can throw everything in, all at once.

Drawing on their own experience as parents as well as doing extensive market research, the Moove bag was created. “We loved the concept of a play mat that turns into a convenient carry bag at the pull of a drawstring - making it easy to transport toys and to tidy them away. It brings the idea of portable play to life and encourages children to partake in packing away their toys when playtime is over.”

We’ve been through many prototypes to perfect the design and make the product as functional and easy to use as possible. When coming up with the artwork for the Moove bag, we knew we wanted to encourage interactive play and make it unique to the South African market. The design is double sided and reversible - on the one side on the mat is a trendy, colourful spot design. On the other, is an interactive road map of South Africa including indigenous wildlife and botany, important landmarks, and many other unique elements to our beautiful country.

How to use it

Unclip the strap clasp and spread out the Moove Bag until it lies flat on the ground (if you’ve tied the drawstring cords together, make sure they’re untied). When it is time to pack away, just gather all the toys onto the mat, pull on the drawstring cords on either side and in a jiffy you've gathered everything into a handy carry bag. Clip the strap clasp and sling it over your shoulder for easy transportation. Hang it up to store out of the way or leave it gathered ready for the next play time adventure.

Wash Care Instructions

Washing machine friendly

Low heat 30 degrees

Tumble dry friendly

Non-shrinkable fabric


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