Ko-coon Moses Basket Natural - with keyhole handles

Ko-coon Moses Basket Natural - with keyhole handles

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Our Ko-coon Natural Moses Basket is made from 100% ilala palm leaves. Designed by us and woven by our partners, Malawian artisans, this basket is also generous in size, allowing for your baby to sleep comfortably and securely until he or she is up to six months old.

Neutral, contemporary design, suitable for any stylish baby nursery and also easily moved, so your baby can sleep in the lounge during the day and in your own room at night.

We recommend using the Ko-coon Natural Moses Basket with our unique Moses Merino Nesting Cushion. Pair the basket with our Rocking Stand or enjoy it just on its own. Easy to move around in other rooms so your precious one sleeps in its own "cocoon" with familiar surrounding and smell wherever he goes.

When your baby outgrows the basket, use it to store toys, blankets or laundry.

Product details:

  • Moses baskets are suitable from newborn to 6 months old or until your baby starts to roll over.
  • Our Ko-coon Nautral Moses Basket is made with dry ilala palm and subjected to absolutely no fumigation or noxious chemicals.
  • The basket measures: 75 x 45 cm (base) and 27cm (sides).
  • Please note that measurements may vary slightly (1–3 cm) as these items are handmade.

Lead time: New shipment arrives mid January 2020