Natural Linen + Vintage Pink Tassel Trim Sleeping Pod

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This handmade Babynest features a plain natural coloured pure linen on both sides, finished off with a beautiful dusty pink tassle trim. Inspired by Mid-Century Decor, Macrame and Texture fibre arts. Also has a lovely vintage feel to it, that can work for a vintage inspired nursery. Hollowfibre fill, Hypoallergenic, removable satin ribbon, and adjustable drawstring with removable cord stopper. This is a complete product, meaning the mattress is quilted into place, and there is no removable cover.

The Scandinavians have been using babynests for their baby’s to sleep in for decades, and it is becoming more popular all over the world. A babynest is a breathable pod-bed that resembles the womb, by creating a cosy, snug and safe environment for your little one to sleep in. It’s definitely one of my top must-have products to have for a newborn, as it makes life for a new parent so much easier, by helping your baby sleep better. Use it in the moses basket for the first few weeks, then move it into the swing crib, or bed-side crib, then move it to Baby’s Cot. Pull the cords in to make the babynest snug and cozy for your newborn baby to feel the edges around him, and feel safe, like he/she was back in the womb. Then as baby gets older, loosen the drawstring and open the bottom to make the nest slightly bigger and wider, to grow with your baby. It is a great travel-buddy or day napper around the house or on visits to friends and family.

This range of handmade Babynests features a beautiful monotone of natural unbleached cotton, that gets softer the more you use it. They have been decorated with a beautiful beige macrame style crochet lace trim. 

It has multiple uses that include the following:
+ It can be used as a crib or cot insert, making the open space more snug for baby.
+ It can help ease transition from the swing crib / moses basket into the bigger cot / cotbed, by making the big open unfamiliar space seem smaller and more snug, as well as the familiar smell and comfort of the babynest helping baby feel more at home.
+ The babynest can be used for safe co-sleeping, minimising the risk of suffocation.
+ It is ideal as a daytime napper as you can take baby with you around the house while you can get on with your tasks, knowing baby is safe and secure.
+ It is great for using the rolled edge to practice the much-needed important tummy-time.
+ Light and foldable, making it convenient for taking with when travelling or visiting friends and family.

This babynest is handmade with the utmost love and care, and features the following:
+ 100% natural fabrics, soft and safe for baby’s skin.
+ Edges have been filled with breathable Hypoallergenic Hollowfibres.
+ Constructed in a smoke-free home.
+ Overall shape & size is adjustable by tightening/loosening of the cords.
+ Can be used from birth up to 12 months.
+ Mattress is quilted to ensure it stays in place and avoids lumping and bunching of inner fabric.
+ Machine washable at 30°C on a gentle cycle.
+ Removable cord-stopper and satin ribbon for safety reasons.
+ Hand crafted with the utmost quality and precision with double stitched seams.
Lead time: 2/3 weeks