Owlet Baby Monitor Duo Cam and Smart Sock 3 - 0-18 Months

Owlet Baby Monitor Duo Cam and Smart Sock 3 - 0-18 Months

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The Owlet Baby Monitor Duo combines the award-winning Smart Sock with the Camera for the most complete picture of your baby's well-being.

A lot can happen while your baby sleeps, but a traditional baby monitor can only tell you so much. The Owlet Monitor Duo goes beyond the capabilities of any other baby monitor for the most complete picture of your baby s wellness while they sleep

Track your child's heart rate, oxygen level, and sleep trends, while streaming live HD video to your phone. View your child's readings in real-time, from anywhere, in our App, and receive notifications if readings leave preset zones, as well as sound and motion notifications to stay informed of your child's needs.

Sock Features:
- Tracks heart rate and oxygen using proven pulse oximetry technology
- Measures sleep trends and total hours slept
- Number of wakings, sleep quality, and more
- Get a clear picture of a baby with 3 weeks of tracking data
- 16 hr battery & quick, wireless charging 8 hrs in 20 mins & a full charge in 90mins
- Fits babies 0 to 18 months (fabric sock comes in 2 sizes that fit 2.2kgs to 13.6kg, for both left and right feet)
- Comes with 2 extra left and right fabric socks

Cam Features:
- HD Video
- Night vision
- Sound and motion notifications
- Background audio
- Room temperature sensor
- 130 degree wide angle lens
- 4x digital zoom
- Two-way audio
- View from anywhere using the Owlet app
- Seamless integration with the Owlet Smart Sock

The Owlet Camera provides you with complete peace of mind giving you the ability to see and hear your baby clearly through a secure, encrypted connection directly on your smartphone from anywhere.

Products integrate seamlessly together in the Owlet App.

For iOS 13 or higher and Android 7.0 or higher. Wi-Fi required for Owlet app



What's in the box
1 x Owlet Smart Sock 3
1 x Owlet Cam HD and Mounting base
1 x Wireless Charger