Pink Leopard Satin Ladies Face Mask

Pink Leopard Satin Ladies Face Mask

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Pink Leopard Print Face Mask

3ply Polyester Satin Masks.

Polyester satin is known to be less absorbent than cotton (and many other fabrics). 

Because of the quick-drying properties and smooth satin surface, it is also known to be antibacterial and hypoallergenic. 

Daily washing is recommended. 

Smooth round elastic is used for better comfortable fit.

Please take note that the masks have not been medically approved. 

If you are infected with the virus or are working with people who have the virus/ any other contagious diseases, please wear a proper medical mask provided by a medical professional.

Wearing ‘something' is always better than having nothing at all, even if it’s just to prevent us from sneezing or coughing on others. It also prevents us from touching our face.

We encourage you all to STAY HOME, be responsible and most importantly, be kind and helpful to others.

Lead time: 2-5 working days to dispatch and 1-3 working days for courier. We are able to deliver during lockdown as it is an essential item.