Rattan Sunrise Co-Sleeper

Rattan Sunrise Co-Sleeper

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A Co-Sleeping Crib next to your own bed

Newborns are used to a warm and cozy place inside Mama’s tummm for approximately 9 months. After being born, they still have the desire and need to be close to their parents. Therefore, most parents choose for a baby cradle in their bedroom or a co-sleeping crib next to the parents bed.

We use only natural materials such as rattan and genuine leather to offer the highest quality. Our Rattan Co-Sleeper is characterized by a light and transparent design, due to the rattan sunrise design and bars. The tanned natural leather bands connect the rattan bars and provide strength and elasticity. Furthermore the co-sleeper comes with a strong rattan base to give the co-sleeping crib support and which is kind to your floor. The natural look and great design fits perfectly into all kinds of interior designs and can be passed through generations.

Advantages of a Co-Sleeping Crib

A co-sleeper is not only great to have your little newborn close to you, rather its also very practical thinking about breast feeding for example. Everyone knows nights with a newborn can be quite sleepless and exhausted. Most breast feeding moms need to go out of their bed to get their little one for the feeding moments. The co-sleeper will save you the way out of your bed, as your baby is already very close to you. You can just take it out of the side bed to breast feed.

A co-sleeping crib can also be magical for parents with restless babys who cry a lot, as they are very close to bring them back to rest. Sometimes it helps to just put your hand on your little one, which is very easy to do with a side bed.


You can connect the co-sleeper directly with the parents bed, as the basket has one open side.


  • Material: Natural Rattan, naturally tanned leather
  • Measurements: 120x60cm (size can be adapted after order has been placed) 
  • Age: Newborn – Babys up to 6 months
Lead time: 3/4 weeks