School Years Book | This Is The Story Of Your School Years

School Years Book | This Is The Story Of Your School Years

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This brand new School Years Book truly is one of a kind! Allowing you to capture your child’s school years’ moments that matter the most, and the stories behind them. Covering all the way from pre-school years to secondary school graduation and beyond, this gender neutral ‘The Story of Your School Years’ is the perfect follow on product from our precious ‘This is The Story of You’ Baby Book.  

With generous space for memories, photos, and milestones, this School Years Book will not only be a treasured keepsake for years to come, but also allow you walk alongside your child throughout his/her entire school career. Designed for co-journaling, this product includes space every year for both the parent and the child to journal side by side - Serving as a tool to bring parent and child closer together throughout this unfolding journey.

Combining the precious with the practical, the School Years Book is designed in binder format with four tabbed dividers, covering your child’s entire school career – 1. Preschool-Days, 2. Primary School Years, 3. Secondary School Years, and 4. Beyond. Capture everything from the first days of pre-school, school holidays, favourite artworks and biggest learnings, to what you want to be when you grow up, funny things you’ve said, how you write your name and your proudest moments. There is space for a yearly letter to your child, ample room for those favourite school photos…space for capturing subjects, teachers, sports, and activities…best memories, the school dance, that final graduation, and so much more!

In addition to the countless prompts and designated spaces for photos, there are three plastic ziplock sleeves for memorabilia like reports, certificates and special keepsakes. With its modern, timeless and classic design, this School Years Book is a beautiful and thoughtful gift for any parent, birth or birthday.