Signature Bilia Bassinet - Natural

Signature Bilia Bassinet - Natural

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Bilia means Newborn in FraFra, a language attributed to the FraFra people of Ghana, the Originators of this basket.

Made from Natural Elephant Grass, this Moses basket bassinet is beautifully handcrafted for your newborn. Each basket takes several days to weave from start to finish.

The basket comes with tan leather handles.

Please note: If you would like for your bassinet to have a mattress included, please add it as another product in your cart. You will find it under "Signature Bilia Bassinet - Mattress Only".

Specification: Basket external dimensions: 29L x 16W x 10H (Handmade May Vary)

Weight: 2kg Item is wrapped in plastic and packed in box.

The Bilia Bassinet also fits the Sleepyhead/Dockatot Deluxe Pod inside it perfectly.

This product is suitable only for babies up to 9kg (19.84 lbs), who cannot sit up unaided, roll over and cannot push up on their hands and knees.


Basket - made of all natural elephant grass