Signature Sleep Pod

Signature Sleep Pod

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Whilst your baby was still in your tummy, you lovingly comforted your baby with a very close bond, closeness and love. Your baby was always given a sense of security and familiarity. There is no bond more close than that environment.


We have focused a lot of our time and energy as Mothers ourselves, on recreating this safe and cocooned space with our Signature Nest, outside of the womb.

Once your baby arrives earth side, you can do so much to allow them to feel more safe, snug and secure. But more importantly, when you put them down, they need that feeling of security even more so.

With our Signature Baby Nest, it keeps your baby close if you find that easier to settle them or feed them while lying together.

Whether you’re nesting at home getting to know your brand new human, or travelling with your new sidekick, the Signature Baby Nest gives your baby their own cocooned space to watch the world go by whilst allowing new parents the flexibility, all whilst still ensuring your baby feels right at home wherever you may be. So, when your little bundle is not in your arms, place them in our Signature Baby Nest on a flat surface and you’re ready for baby rest or play time and hands-free time for you as well.

The Signature Baby Nest is designed to grow with your baby. Some of its key features include:

  • Safe
  • Portable
  • Adjustable
  • High quality, soft 100% Cottons
  • Removable Zip Cover -  Machine washable
  • Open the drawcord and fold out the extension piece for added space as your baby grows
  • Firm but soft baby safe mattress which supports baby’s back and neck



  • Lightweight 
  • Portable
  • Removable Zip Cover - Machine Washable 
  • Pillow Foam 
  • 60cm x 35cm x 20cm


This product is made to order with a lead time of 2/3 weeks